Hebrew Word of the Week

Olah: Offering of rising or ascent. An offering made by fire unto YHWH, the highest order of sacrifice. Meaning ascention. It represents complete submission to YHWH's will because the ENTIRE offering is given to YHWH. Greek translation= holocaustos (holocaust/sacrifice).

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waiting on YHWH

The Ripening Apple

When you take a bite of an apple that’s not ripe, the problem isn’t with the apple; the problem is we didn’t wait for the tree to get to the place where the apple is ripe. It’s our timing that's the problem, not the apple itself, nor the tree.

This is a powerful message, because it reminds us that  people suffer from the same problem.  Like the apple, our spiritual process of "ripening" may not yet be complete. That means we cannot beat ourselves up because we sometimes get angry, sad or depressed, or because we haven’t reached our goals or benchmarks.
We’re a work in progress. We are the fruit not yet ripe for the picking. Would you cut down a tree because it gives unripe apples? No. You would be patient and have trust in the process.  The same is true for us all. 
Y. Berg

  We are a work in Abba's hand.  In His time and His time alone, we become complete but our hearts must be willing and searching for YHWH.  I read something a while back that has stuck in my head since I read it.  I think about it often.  It said this:  
"Search for God like a man with his head on fire searches for water."  

It may sound funny but imagine if we searched for Him with such intensity.   

Trust in the process...In His hand and in His time all things will be complete...that's how He works, He completes what He does.  And while we wait, we seek Him and we wait on Him.  We search for Him like "man with his head on fire searches for water."

Friday, December 7, 2012


We are heirs of YHWH and we have not received the spirit of bondange to fear but the spirit of adoption is upon us so that we may cry, Abba Father!  Rom 8:15

(We are His heritage...we belong to Him and He wants us to recognize we are His children and His promises are for every generation...even this one!!!  No more bondage to fear, YHWH is on our protector and provider!)

We are saved by hope but hope that is seen is not hope!!!  For if you see it, you do not hope for it-but if we hope for what we do not see, then do we patiently wait (while hoping). Rom 8:24

(Abe hoped for what He did not yet see (the birth of Isaac)...For contrary to hope he hoped, that he might become the Father of many nations, according to that which YWHW had spoken...and being not weak in his faith Abe did not even consider his own body now dead when he was about 100 years old, neither did he consider the deadness of Sarah's womb:  he STAGGERED NOT in unbelief at the promise of YHWH but was strong in faith GIVING GLORY TO YHWH and being fully persuaded that what YHWH had promised He was able to perform! Rom 4:18-21)

Hope in YHWH.  He doesn't fail:)